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Isle Versa Paddle Board

The Isle Versa paddle board is a top-grade accessory for your next beach stay, with a media of 10 coils and a length of 6'", you'll be able to have a sterling edge on your prey. This pack of accessories will help you stay in control while hunting, and it all comes in one handy little package.

Isle Versa Paddle Board Ebay

The Isle Versa paddle board is superb for people who admire to paddle, this board offers a stylish and stylish design that will make you stand out from the rest. It comes with a cove-decked design that makes it look like you’re playing by yourself, plus, the 10 coil leash is sure to keep you safe on the water. With an 10 coil leash 6 mm nylon fin, the Versa can easily reach all of you this pack includes 10 coil leash 6 mm nylon fin fastening system for staying in the water and a fun board to play on, this pack includes 10 coils of wire that are straightforward to operate and make buying new accessories a breeze. The wire is black nylon and makes it basic to find where your paddling is at, the add on pack also includes a lot of color and a few other fun options to choose from.