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Paddle Board Vent Plug

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Paddle Board Plug

Is a venting auto-vent Plug for a variety of reasons, some people are due to handle too much air and others due to handle with the paddle board. The venting auto-vent Plug can help keep the board in the water and protect it from others who might use it too much, our paddle board plugs into the electric outlet like all the other devices on this boat. Make sure your auto exhaust valve is stopped before purchasing! This is to prevent the deck fire, this is an 2-pack of pvc surfboard Vent hole Plug pete's paddle board Vent hole plug. This is a hole Plug that fits onto the top of the boat and helps keep your board floating, it presents a hole in the top for as much air as possible to avoid noise and smell. It is again car-like so it is facile to fill and empty, this is an enticing replacement for the auto air Vent exhaust valve Plug that you might have been using. This board is manufactured from durable materials and provides fit system so that it can be attached quickly and easily, the floating part of the board helps keep the in the correct position, and the black color gives it a classic look. This board is furthermore removable for uncomplicated cleanup.